Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another School Trip

Nat and I went to the London Wetlands Centre today. Under grey skies and constantly escaping from crowds of marauding schoolchildren, we had a lovely time and got to see some birds we'd never seen before - a redshank, baby coots, reed warblers and reed buntings - and quite a few we had! My camera isn't up to telephoto lens standard so none of the above (apart from the coot) made it onto the photo gallery, but they were all so beautiful and it was fabulous to hear the birdsong, albeit interspersed with planes coming into Heathrow - but hey, that's urban wildlife for you.

Now resolved to find out more about birdcalls so I can identify more than the basic ones - duck, blackbird, robin, moorhen!

Now for the LOs :)

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