Friday, March 09, 2012

You know how you have phases with stash.....

well, I have a million ribbons, and I hardly ever use them any more.  I can't summon up any enthusiasm for them at all at the moment.  What did I used to do with them?

In the meantime, they have been spreading themselves and have started to annoy me!  So I had a grand sort out today.  I emptied my ribbon storage and started again, organising by colour.  I even ironed some of the ones that had become very kinked!  I can't actually believe I am admitting this in public!  Especially when I promised DH I would tidy our room - (well, the ribbons do live in our room so...... :) lol ).

My ribbon collection is mainly green and brown, with significant contributions from blue, black, pink and white. My turquoise ribbons have obviously been used up as I use that colour all the time in scrapbooking.  I've separated out all the lace, ricrac and very narrow ribbons that fall out of the holes in my organiser.  I also put aside a basket of ribbons which I probably won't use for scrapbooking but could be used with great effect with the cardmaking blitz I keep promising to do!  Maybe I can think of some uses for ribbons on cards cos I'm stumped for using them on my layouts.

Finally I sorted out a bag to rak, of ribbons I don't really use or have more of than I'll ever use.  Wonder if I can convince DH that it was a good use of an afternoon?

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Sandra said...

I'm sure if anyone could come up with a good idea of using them Ali, it would certainly be you :)