Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Using up Old Stash... or WOYWW?

Inspired by my friend Claire's mega clearout recently, and a wish to have a better idea of what I have available I have made tentative attempts to downsize, sort, order and use up stash.  I haven't bought anything for ages and Project Life is helping me take miniscule bites on a daily basis, not to mention using up 'precious' embellishments that have been lying around for ages unused.

As a committed scrap hoarder, I have faced up to my addiction and have been through my scrap bags - cutting up part sheets into 5x7 or 6x4 pieces to make cards, chucking those bits I will never use and generally being a bit more sensible about little pieces!  However, this is left!!

Somewhat of a mountain don't you think?

Another source of happiness in using up old bits is my Silhouette which can transform old scraps into new embellishments, backgrounds and titles of delight!!  These can then be painted, inked or embellished further if the colour scheme is unhelpful.  The only problem is that sometimes you love the negative as well - which is great, but doesn't help with the using up of stash!!

Here are some of the things I have cut recently and stored in a Paperchase A5 document file.  This stops little bits getting bent or spoiled which would be a shame after I'd been to the trouble of cutting them on the Silhouette from my scraps.

I'm thinking they will be ideal for cards as well as layouts.


Sandra said...

Only today at Sainsburys I picked up a A4 binder to store some of my die cut bits. We're on the same wave length, although I've not done such a good job of using my scraps like you :)

Jo said...

That is a great way to use up your scraps x