Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gone cropping

I went to a crop yesterday in Hastings - the Natural Born Scrappers were feverishly cropping away - nice to meet people with an interest like me - everyone else thinks I am mad and frowns at the jargon. I could ramble away to my heart's content about Bazzill v. Prism, eyelet setters, St. Tim etc without anyone even blinking. However, all my best efforts came to a screaming halt about 4.30 as I RAN OUT OF PHOTOS! - a cardinal sin in the scrapping world - how could this happen? Well, it did! so my output was slowed, but I did benefit by talking to other people, helping out a bit and finishing off some bits and pieces. I had a great day - and loved taking a break with people who speak my language before coming back to the real world - the one where I take my photos!

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SuzieG said...

LOL Ali! how could you commit such a sin! glad you had fun!