Thursday, February 02, 2006


I wrote to our sponsor child today because it's her birthday soon and it takes a while for things to get translated, then our water went off, then I heard a programme on Radio 5 about more starvation in Africa and how Live 8 had no impact out there and then another bit about water shortages here and I started thinking about how we can alter life in more ways than one.

Altering is about craft in my vocab, right? but really we can have an impact on the planet in other ways too. I feel guilty about having so much when so many people don't, and taking for granted things that are such a struggle for so many others. It just made me think that I wanted to contribute to altering others' lives as well in so far as I can.

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SuzieG said...

Ali TS you secret squirrel! You kept this a bit quiet didn't you! And there's me blathering on everywhere about mine!

Am relating with the fonts!