Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sickness!! the Plague and other stories

Well as the swine flu net draws in (it's got to school) and possible Nathan's class already, we are perceiving a siege mentality as we wait for its inevitable arrival at our doorstep. Should we get it now it will mess up our end of term and holidays, but there will still be stocks of Tamiflu. If we wait (like we have a choice) then there may be a vaccine but it could have mutated into something worse! Such a difficult choice!!

In the meantime I have been feeling very rough indeed - I have had an inhaler prescribed, a chest X-ray, blood tests galore and mega antibiotics for a week. I do feel better, but not better enough for my liking so hoping there is nothing underlying, I hate being ill in the summer, it just seems so unfair, and yes, I am whinging and I'm fully aware that there are many people much worse off than me!

Finally Adam had developed a high temperature post DofE expedition. Not sure if it's too much sun and not enough sleep or something more sinister but he's missed a couple of days of school which is not like him at all, especially as things wind down for the holidays. Hope he gets better soon.

The good news is that I did do some scrapbooking this weekend - finally!

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