Tuesday, August 04, 2009

After the Mud, the chores.......

Well, the muddiest ever week in Somerset, New Wine positively flowed with silty water, but while the camping was hard (pictures to follow) the fellowship, teaching and most of all the worship was just awesome.

Venue 2 just rocked with praises, great sound and atmosphere and really released something in me that's been tied up tight for a long time. Some seminars carried on the healing and I feel like things have come out of the stagnant stage I've been in for such a long time and although I'm no clearer about my future, I feel a lot of the cynicism has been uprooted from inside - it's very liberating.

After coming back from such a high, real life kicks in hard - not only the Awards deadline of Monday morning (I made it!), but the dentist, clearing up, mountains of washing, childcare, shopping etc etc etc.

Adam had his braces off today - all good, looking fab, he even let me take some photos! And today I'm clearing up the back of my desk, a bit of a dusty task but hopefully at the end of it will be beautiful clear carpet and a lot of things put away, filed or just chucked out. Wish me luck.

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