Monday, January 09, 2012

No Mojo can have positive consequences

I've been wanting to scrap - really I have, but the combination of no mojo, delayed photos and a freezing cold bedroom have conspired to keep me away from my scrapping table. I'm hoping the photos and the forthcoming crop on Saturday will get me back into the groove - that and some Twisted Sketches that have landed in my inbox to provide much needed inspiration.

However, there is a bright side.  No scrapping has meant that other crafty things have come to the fore and my sock knitting is coming on a treat.  Ok, it's still only the first sock but I've started the heel bit - a whole new realm of discovery for me.  The wool has made a fab pattern on the socks so I'm very motivated to finish them so I can wear them!  This one is definitely a bit wobbly but you live and learn and I'm hoping the next one will be an improvement on the first!

January is my least favourite month of the year, and I'm really suffering the winter blues at the moment, but one silver lining is the arrival of Seville Oranges from climates warmer than here.  I am therefore in the throes of making Oxford Marmalade - the first of several batches of different marmalades on the agenda.  As we speak the oranges are simmering on the hob, and after an overnight meld, will be made into marmalade tomorrow.  I don't like peel (but DH does), so I just pick out the bits in between!

In addition, I have painted my bedroom wall this morning - so at least I'm being productive if not artistic!

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