Friday, January 06, 2012

Try something new every week #19

Another week gone, and a week of illness, back to school and not a lot else.  However, I have done a couple of new things this week, albeit lower key than sometimes.

Firstly, my lovely DS1 had his first BRIT School exhibition, where they showed their Set Design model boxes and all the preparation for the phantom production they have been working on lately.

It was really good, so many different views of what the same story should look like - and lots of well presented research to back up their choices.

The second thing is work related and I can 't say a lot about it, except that I am finally getting to edit a book.  I have done lots of articles, academic pieces etc, but never a whole book and although it's not a well paid venture, I am excited, and hope to have something nice written as an acknowledgement of my work.  It's in the area of business history so it's never going to attract a mass audience, but hey!  you have to start somewhere!


Gaye said...

Oh Ali, you must be sop proud of Adam. His display looks very impressive!

Sandra said...

It looks like he has put a lot of effort into that. It's so good he is doing something he enjoys.

sutty said...

That's great news, you must be really proud and well done on the editing :)

Jo said...

Well done to Adam, it looks like he's put a lot of effort in x

Sandra said...

Couldn't agree more with the other comments. Well done :)