Thursday, July 19, 2012

Organise your Stuff Challenge - Packing for Crops

As a devotee of the Counterfeit Kit challenge I have been following the Organise your Stuff challenge for the past months and trying to make sense of some of my stash - ergo better use of the above!

I have made some big changes and some smaller ones, aimed at being able to access my stash better when I'm scrapping at home, or when I'm getting ready for a crop.

The recent major change was to my clear stamps which are now all arranged on mounts in a D ring file meaning that it's easy to find any stamp I have - and hopefully will therefore use them more.  Now I don't have the enviable range that I see on many blogs but now I know there is room for more in the file I can invest in some new ones and at least I know where the gaps are in my collection.

So crops?  What to take?

I have been through the kitchen sink stage, but at last week's crop I went with a single bag - amazing I know!

I have a small tote with my very basics in now - adhesive, scissors, journalling pens, stapler, dymo, with a few empty pockets to tuck in a spray, inkpad or other gem I need for a layout that day.  My trimmer is an X-Cut lightweight one which fits in the bag as well.

I also have a tendency to wildly overestimate what I will achieve in a day's cropping and thus have taken far too much.  Now I take 4-6 page kits max.

In my kit is a choice of papers, photos, alphas, journalling options and some statement embellishments.  I have a Craft Mate tote with my brads, buttons and bits in which I take as well usually. I don't stress if I find I don't have exactly the right thing.  Sometimes I can borrow things from other crop friends, sometimes I will compromise and use what I have, and sometimes I take the layout home to finish with the thing I had in mind.

The most important thing is to enjoy it, after all!


S said...

You are right that the most important thing is to enjoy the crop. I figure it is better to have chatted away with friends even if it means a page or two doesn't get done.

Julia said...

I don't do much cropping away from home. The exception is usually 3 times a year when i travel to my sister's house over a thousand miles away. She has never had a dedicated scrap space so I've not been able to rely on using her incidentals (we could never find them, ha). I do take my big navigator and typically a tool bag seperatly. I tend to fill my bag with tons of kits and projects though I don't ever finish everything I like to have the variety to work on!

Tara O said...

I don't scrap away from home very often. And when I do...I tend to take the 'kitchen sink'. LOL!! The last time I did this it was because I didn't have time to organize page kits. Next time I'll make sure I take the time. ;)

I would love to see your D-Ring for your stamps...

sixofone aka Leah said...

I never go to crops, but you look like you've organised yours really well. Happy crafting

Jimjams said...

Organising my stamps is still on my to-do list for the year - have you got a pic to share of yours?
Well done on getting more organised for crops - I veer between kitchen sink and page kits and NEVER achieve very much (too much cake and chat)!