Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back after a really long break - and 12 on the 10th (belatedly)

I can't actually believe it's nearly two months since I last blogged. The summer holidays have been and gone, and my work has been seriously intense - I have literally worked my socks off!

However there was time for some fun too, with the Olympics and some holiday, and lately I've been madly glossing some new shelves so we can put our books on them, and clear out all the crates they are currently stored in, not to mention some new storage for my scrapbook albums - hooray!

So just to ease myself back in, here are some highlights from our summer!  This can count as my ten on the tenth - plus two!

 Toasting marshmallows
 S'mores for July 4th
 Go Karting for DS2s birthday
 Camping in Somerset - on the sunniest week of the summer - so lucky
 Watching the Olympics
 Enjoying watermelon
 A  bit of local pride
 Galicia - my slice of heaven
 Iced tea
 Paralympic Swimming
 Paralympic Athletics
A very smart wedding

Pretty good summer - lived at 100 miles an hour!

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Mel said...

Looks like a really fun summer full of Olympic action!