Thursday, September 13, 2012

Using a Day Book - my review

I bought an Amy Tangerine Daybook for my holidays this year - the first time I have taken a travel pack to scrapbook on holiday.

As we had a tight baggage allowance, my package had to be extremely limited - one A4 clear folder.  In it I had:
The Day Book
Some coordinating diecuts and mini envelopes
An A5 envelope with all the travel journalling pages, stickers and rubons I could find - not many!
Some flair badges
1 vellum envelope
A tiny wooden alphabet
3 mini inkpads
2 journalling pens
DST and scissors.

I still haven't got my photos printed, (too busy!) but this is where I got to:

One of the fun things about waiting in an airport is trying out duty free scents and after shaves - my collection of tester cards is scenting my journal beautifully!

Memorabilia includes my ice cream wrapper, a coaster, some of my lunchtime table mat, tickets and a guide leaflet.

So what did I like?
I would probably have had trouble using it all up in one day, but it was a good size for holiday.
I liked the kraft cover and the printed acetate over the top (although it makes it hard to photograph.
I liked a variety of different papers and textures and shapes.

What didn't I like?
The sticker that attached the acetate to the packaging - it leaves horrid gluey stuff behind that I haven't managed to get off yet.
Some of the pages are very small - I may lack imagination but I found them irritating in places! This means that sometimes the pages don't really set each other off - see the last photo - I don't see much that brings that choice of pages together.
There were square and shape stickers on the first and last pages - I wasn't sure whether you should rip out these pages or what - I left them - but have to cover up the gaps with something else.
I would have liked more than one very thin pocket - for me a travel journal needs places for memorabilia.
I also would have liked to see inside the product before I bought it.

So will I use another one? Possibly - if I saw inside it beforehand, but really I think I like things a little bit more regular in terms of pages, and will probably have a go at making it.

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