Saturday, February 07, 2009

The curse of technology

I had a new mp3 player for Christmas - great, just what I wanted, and I had the perfect playlists all planned in my head.

A few weeks and some of my music carefully uploaded later, it has a 'file system error'. Predictably this doesn't appear on any of the online help provided by Philips, and neither does the manual help. I can't install the device software on the computer so it works and therefore I am stuffed - at least until someone can help me sort it out.

Frustrated? You bet, it all seemed so simple when I took it out of the box. Now I just want to throw it at someone. and to make things worse YOU CAN'T EVEN LOAD LEGAL DOWNLOADS ONTO IT! what? I thought that was the point of having an mp3 player - grrrr.

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