Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Doctor's not listening....

I mean, they have so many questions to ask - if you smoke, - I don't, and haven't any intention of starting but that doesn't stop them wasting my precious appointment time by asking the same question each time, plus anything else that they feel they need to keep the government statistician happy ticking boxes.

Then they are so desperate not to give you antibiotics that they dismiss everything as a virus. I've had a bad chest since before Christmas. I've been to the doctor, who didn't even look in my mouth and decided it was viral.

I've also needed an x-ray on my arm as I fell awkwardly when it snowed. My physio asked for a particular x-ray to decided whether the radial something was broken. She even wrote it down. The doctor wrote me a form which managed to omit this request, the radiologist said they didn't do that x-ray, but without it you can't know whether it's broken or not.

Frustrated? I am!

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