Sunday, March 01, 2009

Social Life, lots of Glitter and the boy comes back

After being a taxi for what seems like weeks on end for the little darlings, we finally had some social life of our own this Friday. Babysitter arrived and we left in the same breath! So nice to go to see new friends, with some old friends thrown in for good measure and have a nice meal. Not too posh, but yummy. Would have been perfect if I hadn't had to endure the second half of Wales losing to the French, but still a very nice evening.

As Ellie had rehearsals and Adam was due home from his week's skiing in Austria, we headed off to school to help with the set. This entailed taking a lot of PVA glue, spreading it over various bits of the set and then slapping shocking pink glitter onto it. Of course it went everywhere - including all over us, but we got a lot done and welcomed the boy home looking as down and out scruffy as we could - luckily he's not at the age when he's permanently ashamed of us yet. We finally left about 5 and had a family meal together while hearing about his exploits on the slopes.

Finally we had friends for lunch today - good old Morrison's rotisserie produced two perfectly cooked chickens right on cue. Shame Adam and Ellie had more rehearsals - the show is this week - and missed playing with the little girls, but I got the chance to try out the large version of my waffleberry pudding in readiness for cooking for the oldies in a week's time - and guess what - it's all gone!!

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