Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Noses and Irritating Software

Today is Red Nose Day - a real fixture in the calendar of my children. Ellie went to school in red with sprayed hair. Adam has a trip to the Globe Theatre to see Romeo and Juliet so needs to wear school uniform, much to his disgust.

The Primary School seemed to forget about Red Nose Day and decided to have a history day instead where everyone dresses up as someone from the period they are studying. Nat went as a Tudor, long socks, breeches and top with short cape and bejewelled hat, and silver buckles on his shoes - very chic. School issued a belated appeal for funds for RND last night.

I do not have a red nose today, despite the pub visit last night with the girls - such fun. I went up to a friend's to help her wrestle with poorly conceived NHS work system which is compulsory to fill in if you want a pay rise - would have helped if it actually worked properly, but takes ages and you have to log in and out after each entry as there is a glitch in the system that the techies don't seem to know about or be in any hurry to fix.

It's easy to be patient when it's not your software or task, but so frustrating trying to help out when it's sooooooooooo slow!

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