Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(Sub) - Urban Girl

Although I grew up in a semi-rural village and had a very countryside upbringing, I always hankered after the city, mainly London, the city of my birth, but I lived in Paris for a while as well, and have loved visiting many cities and get a real buzz from the city, it's architecture and the hidden corners, not to mention the vibe. Not having the money to live in the city, we live in the 'burbs, with all the ridiculous stereotypes and (sometimes real) caricatures of suburban domesticity!

However, recently I've wondered if I'm as urban as I think. This is mainly due to a photo project I'm doing, where I take a photo every day, hoping that 365 photos will provide an accurate snapshot of my life in 2009. I have realised that plants and growing things fill a much more important part of my life than I thought. No-one in their right mind would call me a gardener, but I do get a lot of satisfaction from growing a few things and I love my window box. More broadly, I think I really like seeing the changes in the trees that line our streets and in gardens, the flowers in front gardens, the local parks, and the way we can get into open country really quickly from our suburban home.

Apart from the plant worship, I have recently been making cards, partly to say thank you to the many generous people who have donated to my 'brick fund' for Romania. I now have a satisfyingly tall pile of cards ready to write.

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