Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Disappearing Countryside

I went with the Wendys on a stash trawl today in the not so wilds of Sussex - got some nice stuff, but that's another story. While we were on the hunt we drove through Charlworth, a cute village about so many hundred metres off the end of the runway at Gatwich. We stopped and watched a few planes land, and at that distance the runway looked quite small and it was impossible to understand why, if another runway is added to the airport, the village would be destroyed - unless it would be so close under the flight path that living would be intolerable, - but that doesn't stop people living in Hounslow.

How can a strip of tarmac a mile long by a few metres wide come to swallow up so much countryside? I feel even sorrier for those people whose village is under threat from the Heathrow expansion now. I love flying but I can't see that it's worth destroying so much beautiful countryside and farmland.

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