Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Calm after the Chaos

I spent last week doing the greasepaint and hairdressing thing for Ellie's dancing show - a wonderful concoction of random dances - she was in 4 and was fabulous (of course darling, I'm her mother!). The heat and noise was quite incredible - so many interchangeable little girls needing makeup done, things finding, mending, high as kites on E numbered sweeties and four nights and two matinees plus a (very late ending) dress rehearsal. She was exhausted and so was I.

Now the school term has arrived again, the kids have gone back, PE kits are washed, ironed and back at school, exams are looming and I'm trying to pick myself up again to do all the 'normal' things I usually have to do.

One small respite is that not every club has restarted this week so the taxi service is only on part time hours!

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