Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The wonders of Nature

We were blessed with wonderful weather at the weekend so on Saturday we toiled in the garden, trying to create order after the winter - plus I got to practise digging for my trip to Romania - we cut down lots of the ivy and Ken got to mow the lawn - his favourite bit!!

As Sunday brought more sun we treated ourselves to a walk to Banstead Woods to see the glory of the bluebells - the sight and the scent were breathtaking and we bumped into Debbie and Steve just to make the walk even more fun. The kids loved it and the lateness of the leaves made it sunnier than usual in the woods. Just a perfect afternoon - a taste of how spring should be.

Unlike Monday which had to be the most miserable contrast possible - but as it marked the first day of the cricket season it had to rain most of the day. Not that it stopped Nathan playing his match - we absolutely froze - it went on until 8.45 when it was almost dark, but they won in style which obviously went down well with kids and eager parents alike.

Which brings me to today - I met up with Debbie again and we went plant buying - I am now the proud owner of a newly planted hanging basket (planted by me I should add!). My theme this year is yellow (a nod to current fashion), red and white. I replenished my summer window box - yes the geraniums are going strong in their fifth year and are complemented with white trailing lobelia and the remaining bedding plants together with a hardy fuschia are settled into their new home. I'll make a gardener of me yet!

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