Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life Stages

I'm definitely over the baby stage. I had a friend over for tea this morning with her gorgeous little 3 month old daughter. I cooed and baby-worshipped (as I usually do) and enjoyed every minute.

Unusually the kids are at home as it's the holidays and they sat around, made unhelpful comments and generally fidgeted as all kids do when there's someone new to show off to. Despite this, I realised that I really am at that stage when I love other people's babies, love to hold them, cuddle them and generally have a good old baby session, but I really don't want to change their nappies, get up in the night or wipe up their dribble any more, and I don't have to. I've not wanted a baby for quite a while now (pretty much since Nathan was born, although occasionally I've thought it might be nice) but this morning really confirmed to me that I like having more grown up children, who can understand me (even if they ignore most of what I say!) who can make me a cup of tea occasionally, who let me have a lie-in even if they want to get up and watch junk TV and who can entertain themselves, run the odd errand and leave me alone in peace once in a while when I'm feeling grumpy.

It may mean I'm getting old, but I quite like going past the milestones of life.

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