Friday, May 22, 2009

Another week gone

Can't believe how quickly this month is going - hardly seems a minute since I was on here, but a whole week has flown by -with another party for Adam, lots of sorting out for our trip to Paris - so excited to be seeing Dave again - and looking forward to showing the kids one of the cities of my student life.

Visited Joyce in hospital yesterday - hadn't been there since my op 2 years ago, but at least she was in a nice ward and it wasn't too hot - she should be out for the weekend hopefully.

Finalising my trip to Romania as well, sending off more donations, buying hard hat and boots, dust masks, goggles and gloves.

Metaphorically waving goodbye to Jackie today as well, missing her party due to our trip, but dead jealous of her round the world tour plans - wish I'd done it while I had the chance. Bon Voyage Jackie!

Back to packing, and cleaning the oven - just discovered magic oven cleaner - thanks Karen!! - such a beautiful day out there, should be enjoying the sun but never mind, Paris beckons :)

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