Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabulous Fourteen

My lovely firstborn was 14 yesterday - it's hard to appreciate how fast the years have gone and how wonderful he has grown up. Of course I am his mother and you'd expect that, but really, if fourteen years ago I could have had a crystal ball I would not have changed much at all - perhaps his smelly feet and the state of his bedroom, but that's about it. He really is the nicest teenager I could imagine.

We had an invasion of his mates, various shapes and sizes, and mainly much bigger than him but he's done ok - they are basically a really great bunch of witty good natured boys who have a laugh together.

I still don't have a crystal ball, but I'm hoping that the next few years will be more of the same - if they are I shall consider myself the most fortunate mother on earth.

PS. The other two aren't that bad either, but yesterday wasn't their birthday!!

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