Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Shower

I had an awesome afternoon with my crop friends yesterday, with a baby shower for one of them - our 3rd crop baby!! We all took presents and were treated to an amazing array of delicious cakes and tea - yum! The rooms were beautifully decorated with streams of pompoms, babygro and normal bunting and even a door decoration.

We decorated onesies (or babygros as they are known on this side of the Atlantic) - tradition which MA has introduced to us - and all made a different design for Baby Bunting as he or she is known affectionately. Mine is the star and stripes one on the left (above)

We played some very silly games, the sock game in miniature with baby accessories and tried to drain 4oz of squash from a baby bottle - almost impossible - how do they do it? We also did the guess the distance round the bump - as ever my guess was way too big - keep forgetting not all babies were as big as mine!

A really nice ending to a manically busy week - thank you ladies!

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Sandra said...

It really was a lovely way to spend an afternoon ... good friends, laughter, and crafting - what more is there? :)