Friday, June 03, 2011

Thank goodness for Broadway Bargains!

My DD had a project to do on the 1920s for the holidays, and got well engrossed in the fashion and music of the era, and opted to do a poster board to show off her work. Of course, we needed fringes and beads and pearl strings to m
ake it look authentic, and not far away is the perfect venue for such things - Broadway Bargains - a very old fashioned treasure trove of all things needlework. Run by some vague old ladies with a loathing of mobile phones - you should hear the tut if your phone goes off! - it sells ribbons, braid, buttons and a host of other must have items for crafters. We duly invested and she finished her project - without any nagging from me - amazing!

Without much time as it's half term in the house, and revision time for my eldest DS, I had a quick play yesterday, motivated by the online class I've signed up for:
Crafty Templates Take 10 Embellishments It all looks rather good, although much more sewing than I ever normally do, so I made do with sorting out my flower box and creating the following embellishment, intended to go into an embellishment group once I've looked better at the class. I signed up with the idea that I could use up some of my stash in a more creative way - here's hoping :)


Claireliz said...

That looks fab

Sarah said...

lol the crazy old ladies who run my local needlework shop also loathe mobile phones, it must be part of the job description :)

your daughter did a great job with her project!