Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Confession - I am a Scrap Sorter!

 It's official - Shimelle has classified us and I am definitely categorised this way!

To go back a step - yesterday I started Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party class. I really enjoyed LSNED and anything that promises delving into piles of existing stash and particularly paper is a definite yes for me!

My scrap habit is not a secret - my fellow croppers have expressed their amazement/horror/disbelief at the size of paper scrap I am prepared to hoard, but in fairness, I do use them and I feel more secure knowing that I have an assortment of scraps of all sizes and colours to access whenever I need something small.  I cannot bring myself to cut into a whole sheet just for an accent!  These are some of my scraps - colour coordinated! I also have larger ones and smaller ones - also colour coordinated :)  I just love all the memories that come with each bit of paper - am I sad?

I also have to confess to being a bit of a Paper Collector - although I am getting cured of this infliction.  I don't buy nearly as much as I used to and am more discerning into my likely usage.

I am absolutely not a Pattern Contender - I can cut up a sheet with no problem at all, and I don't need a spare (just in case).  I rarely buy two sheets of anything, unless I absolutely love it and therefore will use it - see the Lilybee collection below - one of my current favourites which I bought 2 sheets of some of the collection - or because I am doing a double LO.

I am also not a Collection Packer - my signature style is definitely mix and match - I have only bought a complete set of paper and embellishments once, and now I rarely buy a collection pack at all.

But on to the task - such joy to be given the freedom to dive into my scraps for strips of paper.  My method was simple.  When I was getting out my scrap box, a journalling accent card from Fancy Pants fell out - so I decided to use it's colour palate for my strips - picked out a few - cut 1" strips, matted my photo, then realised I actually have no neutral cardstock to go behind it - so it's a work in progress until I can get to the LSS! I also made a card, but forgot to photograph it - doh!

It's going well so far - I think I'm going to like this course!


vixen said...

lovely layout :)

Claireliz said...

Oooh you've got some fabby papers there.

Jo said...

When I say the prompt Ali I thought of you and your scraps :) I love the layout

fatmonica said...

Great layout.Sounds like a very interesting course.