Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another folded flower

Anyone who knows my LOs knows that I make lots of flower embellishments using folded circles. On the explore class I made a flower (above) out of maps which I absolutely love but which is utterly 3D and would never work on a scrapbook page. So I started fiddling with flattened out versions of the petals - fail!


By using smaller squares - inchies - and double sided paper - I came up with a square version which I like almost as much as the round one. (PS you can see a round one on the Slide stream of my LOs - called I love holding your hand).

1) Punch 8 squares of double sided paper or thin card (or single sided if you don't mind the points being white)

2) Fold the inchies diagonally in half, unfold, then fold in the side points to the folded line, at right angles to the line so you end up with a kite shape. The top point of the kite is one side of the paper and the rest is the reverse side.

3)Make 8 of these. Punch or cut a circle shape (about 2" across), or larger if you want it to show below your flower. Apply glue all over the middle two-thirds.

4) Arrange the kite shapes in a circle on the table to make sure the patterns are to your satisfaction, then put them onto the glued circle, move them around until you get a 'square' effect with the kite points.

5) I added two punched circles to the top, and pierced a hole through the entire flower and added a brad for decoration and security, but you could use gems or buttons as well.

Et voila! If you didn't want a contrast you could use the kites the other way up, or you could alternate the way you fold the squares, or use two complementing papers to make an infinite variety of flowers.

I think my flower looks kind of Christmassy and will probably end up on a festive LO somewhere.

Thanks for looking.


vixen said...

Cool :) thanks for sharing a how to :)

Sandra said...

Thanks Alo, I'll give this a go

Julie Ann Shahin said...

What a cool flower! So fabulous!!! xoxo

Claireliz said...

That's really lovely & nifty, thanks for sharing the instructions.

Pam said...

That's very cute-thanks for sharing