Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Catching Up with Explore

Well, having missed a week and being manically busy, I have skipped last week and will catch up when I can - probably not the best idea, but I fancied playing with colour with the little bit of time I have right now - work commitments looming!

Well, the colourscope was fun - my favourite colours on there are pool, sage, peacock and cement, and all of them pretty much sum me up - well apart from the flirting!!

My favourite colour is turquoise, but there isn't that much of it in nature, at least not in my surroundings. I did have a necklace on yesterday and much of my wardrobe is turquoise as well. I told DH to stop me buying anything else in that colour. I also have green, red, navy and brown, but I only wear pink in bed, except for a shirt my sister bought me! Not sure of that logic.

I also love green, especially that kind of mid, slightly yellowy green that has been in decor mags lately and am planning to paint my dining room in that shade at some point.

My favourite wedding planner combo was Aqua, Leaf and Gold, but I was struggling to find much I liked at all - fussy? yes, 'fraid so.

None of the photo stuff done yet - I'll get to that - hopefully soon.


Sandra said...

I'm hoping to do some catching up this week too, yup, they certainly are your colours :)

Eli said...

Welcome, sister, in Twisted Sketches team!
I'm happy to know you!
We'll do great things together!

tiffany said...

excited to be part of the Twisted Sketches team with you!! =)Tiffany
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