Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Life my way!

Well, I've started, and so far so good, and fun!

I decided to do this year as my eldest DS will be 18 this year, DD 16 and DS2 13 - so a big year for us in the sense that it probably is our last year at home living as a normal family.  Next year DS will hopefully be at uni and things will change.  For this reason I wanted to take a closer look at our lives this year.  Part of me is very regretful that I didn't know about PL when they were little.

Armed with an album and a load of page protectors - a big Becky Higgins variety pack - like this - and some other smaller ones I had spare.  I'm hoping that one album will do me for the whole year but I may have got my maths wrong!

The only other thing I bought - mainly through sheer laziness - was two sets of gridded white cards - 6 x4 and 3x4 which will help me with the bulk of my journalling.  Other than that I plan to use existing stash, printables and my trusty Silhouette.

Actually, it isn't the only other thing I bought - I did invest in a typewriter this week.  Partly because I wanted to!, and partly because I'm hopeless at going to the computer and journalling, then printing it off, my printer doesn't particularly like cardstock, and I generally have to join a queue behind my children for the computer in the first place!!  This way it sits on my desk and I can tap away as the mood takes me.

It's gone well so far, but I need to invest in some Tippex as I do make mistakes and they don't just disappear like they do on a screen :)

I can't quite get my head round the week thing though, I mean NewYear's day was a Tuesday, and I never know what number a week is anyway so I'm just going to add stuff as I please in more or less chronological order.

There are so many ideas out there it is hard to fit them all into one little life document, but I'm loving all the input and have a page on my Pinterest here if anyone is also doing PL.  I have some stuff, but there are lots of links to other people who have loads more.  There is also a board of printables and another of Silhouette files for additional interest.

I am still going to scrap in 12x12 for the momentous occasions of the year, but I'm also hoping to catch up on past years' scrapping as well.

Finally a big shout for Photobox who sent my photos so fast that they arrived this morning having only been ordered yesterday - my kind of service!

Happy New Year - belatedly

Well it's been an age since I wrote on my blog - I've just been too busy, with Christmas and various other things - illness, darling daughter's English Revision - what horrid people schedule GCSEs in the first week back? - not to mention boring chores like getting new tyres for the car.  But I'm back and the new year is beckoning with lots of exciting new projects to do.

Most of them will include my Silhouette - already a valued part of the family :) - and pulling its weight in terms of contribution over Christmas.  I made my cards with it and a pile of delicious lanterns which held LED tea lights which doubled up as cards for some of my friends.

My new best friend is now helping me with Project Life and yesterday I discovered how wonderful the sketch pens are - they printed me some gorgeous bits and pieces for my PL (of which more another day) - and since I am a hopeless artist most of the time, will help me no end in creating beautiful things.

I am trying a new sock pattern  (called Hermione - free on Ravelry) as well, using metal needles this time.  I thought it would help if I had 2.25 needles in a different medium to my 2.5 bamboo ones as I can't tell the difference, but I'm regretting the choice as they are much longer and poke into my cuffs when I'm trying to knit.  DD wants them for her birthday at the end of March which shouldn't be a problem in theory, but with these needles ....