Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make and Take

With all the tidying up of my stash, I have come across lots of bits and pieces I forgot I had and have been inspired by some of them.

Although I've not been one for handmade embellishments, except for the folded flowers, such as those on 'I love holding your hand' layout, but I've been playing.

Yesterday it was the net flowers - so simple yet effective. Then I had a play with coloured string stuff that I bought at Ally Pally and made the flower below:

Finally inspired by the Studio Calico sneak peak, I saw some toothpick pennants by Pebbles Inc and knew I could make my own.


1) Fold a piece of paper in half, so that the width is the size of the pennant length you want.

2)Cut triangles so that the long end is along the fold and the point is at the cut end (use a template if you need to) but I did mine by looking.

3)Lay the double pennant out wrong side up, and add a short length of DST across the fold.

4) Dab glue/Pritt stick on each point, then place the cocktail stick along the fold with one end just inside the paper (or sticking out a tad if you prefer).

5) Fold the pennant around the cocktail stick, and align points, pressing firmly to stick both sides together. Et voila!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A new wave of crafting

I've been reading a thread on UKS entitled "Too much Stash - is that possible?" - a sort of self help encouragement group allegedly for those who have too much stash but keep buying. It has some hilarious confessions which have kept me entertained over the past few days.

Having been to Ally Pally on the weekend and spent my money, I decided it was time for a stash purge. Neither finances or inclination make me a stash purchase addict, but over the years I have accumulated a certain amount of stash, some of which is definitely past its sell by date, at least for my taste.

It does however mark the various phases in my scrapbooking and previous cardmaking life, and a LO is under construction.

Having sorted out my stash, I then got excited about using up some of the scraps that I had so carefully organised by colour and size, and the birdhouse I bought in Sainsburys many months ago sprang to mind. A couple of hours later, I made a minor dent in my turquoise, blue and green scrap pile and the birdhouse is now gracing my mantelpiece.

On a wave of enthusiasm, I then made half a dozen cards using old stash which I will not scrap with, but that makes good cards - happy days.

Now to clear up my craft table!!