Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make and Take

With all the tidying up of my stash, I have come across lots of bits and pieces I forgot I had and have been inspired by some of them.

Although I've not been one for handmade embellishments, except for the folded flowers, such as those on 'I love holding your hand' layout, but I've been playing.

Yesterday it was the net flowers - so simple yet effective. Then I had a play with coloured string stuff that I bought at Ally Pally and made the flower below:

Finally inspired by the Studio Calico sneak peak, I saw some toothpick pennants by Pebbles Inc and knew I could make my own.


1) Fold a piece of paper in half, so that the width is the size of the pennant length you want.

2)Cut triangles so that the long end is along the fold and the point is at the cut end (use a template if you need to) but I did mine by looking.

3)Lay the double pennant out wrong side up, and add a short length of DST across the fold.

4) Dab glue/Pritt stick on each point, then place the cocktail stick along the fold with one end just inside the paper (or sticking out a tad if you prefer).

5) Fold the pennant around the cocktail stick, and align points, pressing firmly to stick both sides together. Et voila!

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