Thursday, February 16, 2012

A crafty catch up

I've done a little bit of scrapping lately, but have really got stuck into my other crafting loves.  First up, my seasons tree is currently sporting a crop of hearts for February, and Valentine's Day in particular.

The tree has a mix of hearts made of scrapbook paper, including letters from my latest counterfeit kit, and some metal and wooden hearts.  It is one of this year's resolutions to celebrate the seasons.  January was celebrated with making marmalade with the seasonal Seville Oranges and eating lots of root vegetables, February has brought some Valentine's fun, I made these, and cards for all the family and have a bit of a heart theme going on at home.

I've also been knitting!  I finished the socks - did I blog that or not?  No idea, so here they are again (or not as the case may be!)  I love the self patterning wool and have worn them loads.  I am now into my second pair, which are self striping in parrot colours - you'll be able to see me coming!

Last up is two sorts of crochet - my most ambitious project yet, a cardigan and matching hat for a friend's new baby daughter.  As someone who only does squares, this is a new venture, but the hat is finished, and the cardigan is started - it's quite simple (so far) and very pretty.

The squares are also making progress - I'm sure I've mentioned the great jumper disaster where I started a jumper for DH just after we were married (nearly 20 years ago), left it for a long time, and then realised I didn't have enough wool to finish it!!  So I've now unpicked it and am crocheting squares to make a throw.  I've finished about 5 in the last couple of weeks so feel like momentum is picking up again.

The new scrapping will have to wait for another day as I need to take photos.  Tfl :)


Sue said...

love the tree - so pretty and those socks areamzing!

Donna said...

Oh I love the idea of a seasons tree - it's so pretty! Where did you get it? Your little hat is gorgeous too - very impressive. Learning to crochet is on my 'to do' list.

fatmonica said...

Love the tree,it looks great!

Jo said...

I love your tree and your socks look great, you are being so creative xx