Thursday, February 09, 2012

Try Something New Every Week - January

I've been remiss - I admit it!  Try something new has gone underground over the past month.  The weather, illness and post Christmas budgetary constraints have all cramped my style no end, not to mention a chronic lack of motivation to go out and do!

But all has not been lost, new things have been tried, just on a much lower key level.

First up was a new recipe.  Having made a Christmas cake, there were lots of goodies left over including a load of marzipan, so I made stollen for the first time.  It was very nice :) if less picturesque than I could have wished!

I also tried a new marmalade recipe - 3 fruit - orange, lemon and lime - as my quantities were a bit different to the recipe it was a bit trial and error but it came out fine, clear and delicious :)

Next was Photoshop - I have wanted to learn how to use this for ages.   Now I have a trial copy and am working my way through some great tutorials found on Pinterest while looking for something entirely different - thank you Suzie at The Accent Piece and The Pioneer Woman website for the Actions download.  I'm saving up for my own copy and hope to be proficient in the basics and maybe get into a bit of hybrid scrapping?

Another was a lovely afternoon with my DD, a cold Saturday after we'd all been ill and two days previously through our letter box had popped Casablanca - a film on my 'to see' list for ages.  It was as good as I was hoping, DD loved it and we had a great time together.

I've also tried the new Vanilla Spice Latte at Starbucks, tried out a couple of new stamps and finished the socks I started a few weeks ago :)So happy with these, especially in the cold!  I'm back on the crochet and have learned a few new patterns for my squares but I need more sock wool!!

I'm now getting ready to try Skype - I know I'm behind the times, but I'm slowly working through lots of things I've not got round to, and one day I may really be a Twenty-First Century citizen!  Hopefully February will offer some more exciting possibilities for me!

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Sandra said...

I'll happily Skype you Ali :) and lovely seeing those socks completed