Thursday, April 12, 2012

Try something new every week....

I have been exceedingly remiss about posting my attempts to try new things each week, but the quest does go on.  As I'm so far behind, I'm only going to post highlights, but some of the more mundane things have involved recipes and crafts.

I have tried two new restaurants - Barcelona in the City - on a groupon deal - another first for eating out, and Hazar, a local Turkish restaurant which DS2 and I sampled when he had an inset day.

I've been up to London and visited the National Portrait Gallery - another first, done a little egg hunt and explored the alleyways of the City of London with my camera.

I've also been to a flower show at RHS Wisley - I never knew how serious flower growing can get, and I loved the pinkish daffodils.  I don't think anything I grow would qualify anytime soon, but it did make me take on board just how many wonderful varieties of each kind of flower there are and the range of colours.

Now the weather has got better, more of my activities will hopefully involve the outdoors and better photos!

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Jo said...

I'm pleased to see that you're still trying new things. I did a bit of the egg hunt but have never been to a flower show x