Monday, April 30, 2012

Try something new every week

The kids went away for the weekend and we were left in the very unusual position of having some time to ourselves.  As it was quite last minute we'd already made some plans (separately!) and we went ahead with those - but we managed a film together, dinner on Saturday night at home with candles, and Sunday lunch.

We went out to the Ramblers Rest which is a pub in an ancient Elizabethan dwelling for Sunday lunch.  DH realised that in its previous incarnation, he had been there before for his sister's 18th - many moons ago.
We ordered a roast lunch and enjoyed every bite.

Then we headed out into the woods to see the bluebells (again! for me). I had my camera with me and the sun was kind enough to come out.  It was such a treat to wander around with my lovely H, without any kids moaning about how pointless family walks are!  And it was a joy to welcome them home afterwards!  Besides, the rain had started by then!  We definitely had the best of the day.


Sandra said...

Ali, it sounds like the perfect day :)

Sandra said...

How lovely to spend time with DH like that Ali! The Ramblers Rest is in the same chain as The {brilliant} Spring in Ewell Village so the food must have been good.:)