Thursday, June 13, 2013

Utterly addicted to Pinterest!

I've had this for some time, but lately I've got a bit obsessed - actually really obsessed!!

I have found beautiful things, recipes, ideas, tutorials etc etc ..... and so on!  My Pinterest boards are here.

My top ten for this week ...

1) Gorgeous seagull fabric from Jenny Lee Katz Textiles:

2) A moonstone to feed my addiction to turquoise from which is just too beautiful...

3)  An inspiring Christmas 'chandelier' that could be used anytime from the twigdecor blog:

4) Verbal bootcamp quotation  from

5) Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer for when I'm driving - from joylicious

6) Some upcycling inspiration from

7) A really cool quilt - (I'm so tempted but I cannot get into quilting, I have too many other unfinished projects lying around!)  from the blog

8) The top of my 'recipes to try list' right now - from - rhubarb upside down cake...

9) Inspiration for the herb garden I want to plant - from

10)  and finally something that made me smile....


Like I said... addicted!

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