Saturday, July 09, 2011

How Exciting!

It was the North Cheam crop today, and I did 6 LOs - more of which later in the week when I get round to photographing them. It's always such fun at the crop, with Gaye's excellent poppy seed cake, lots of tea and plenty of conversation and laughter.

This time was made even better, seeing the photos from MAs baby shower being turned into a beautiful minibook in gorgeous bright Echo Park colours, and also because we swapped our offerings for the 10 days of Summer swap.

This all began because we were lamenting the long time until the next advent swap which we participate in with gusto, but it does take a lot of organising and investment, so an open 10 parcel page kit swap was decided upon. Mine has a lovely duck on the bag and is all wrapped in gold, and I will start opening tomorrow - I so love presents :)

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fatmonica said...

Sounds like fun-looking forward to seeing the photos.