Monday, July 04, 2011

Living by my motto

Happy 4th July!

In the home school, we have been amusing ourselves this morning by finding out more about 4th July and making flags to adorn the ice cream we have made for the celebration later at some friends' who conveniently have American friends staying - what better reason to hijack another country's celebrations as an excuse for a party!

Sadly, last week three of my friends lost their Mums. I didn't know any of these lovely ladies, but feel so sad for my friends who have lost a very special person in their lives and all the attendant responsibility and sadness that goes with arranging funerals etc. You are in my thoughts and prayers, ladies. I've been making sympathy cards to send.

I also have birthday cards to make by the bucketful. Anyone reading this blog over the past weeks will know that I am on a mission to use up some of my old stash rather than keep buying new things (partial success, partial failure!!). Given my pathological aversion to throwing any stash away - much to the horrified amusement of some of my crop mates - I have a whole box of letters taken from part-used alphabet stickers, chipboard etc etc.

There are only so many odd letter layout titles a girl wants to do so I hit on the idea of using some of the letters for birthday cards. I now have a dearth of ds and rs but I think I can live with that in the wider context of using up my extensive collection and there must be other good wishes I can send without those two letters!

These are my efforts...


Nikki said...

Hi Ali, thanks for your lovey comment on my blog :)

Your cards look great, I'm very impressed by your determination to use up old stash!

You have taken some lovely pics too


Nikki xxx

fatmonica said...

The cards look great-a good way of using up stash.I need to do that more!

Wendy said...

Love this idea for 'leftover' letters :-)

Sue said...

Great Idea :D

Anonymous said...

Great idea - I have a box full of odd letters too!