Monday, May 07, 2012

Handcutting - my first love.

I adore handcutting, although with the proliferation of die cutting machines, it looks rather less impressive than it did when I began scrapping.

Today I was finishing off layouts which I have half done over many years and then put aside, mainly for journalling, or because I was out at a crop and I didn't have the item I wanted.  I am useless at being disciplined to finish my layouts so they sit in a pizza box and just occasionally I try to finish some off.

Today was one occasion, as I promised my friend Gaye that I would work on half done projects until the next crop!   Now I am not entirely able to keep my promise as I have layouts to do for Twisted Sketches, but at least I'm trying.

This is one of my finally finished layouts.

It's a rare foray into the world of 8.5 x 11, some handcut scallops, some white rubons and a white journalling pen and that's the lot.


Emilie said...

This is fab! The cutting is gorgeous!

Sue said...

stunning - i have to admit i love my craft knife too

vixen said...

Great cutting and great Layout :)

Sandra said...

Its really quite stunning