Saturday, May 12, 2012

Try something new - May Week 2

One of the first things on my 'To Do' list for this year long challenge of trying new things was to see a Tribute band, so I tagged along with my friend Dawn to a local venue - The Boom Boom Club!  She reliably informed me that the Bohemians were a most excellent Queen tribute band and indeed they turned out to be just that.

I didn't have a decent camera and the venue was so packed it was hard to take photos but I had a great time.  There is something nice about hearing familiar songs in a small venue where the atmosphere is completely different to the O2 - scene of my last band experience!

I snagged DD's little camera as it fits in my bag, but it was a mistake, I just couldn't get a good photo - this is as good as it got!

I'm not a huge Queen fan, but I like a good singalong and the band were more than competent although the backing singing was weak - making me realise just how proficient the real band are vocally.  They looked the part (more or less) and there were enough Freddie -esque antics to be amusing!

Photo  from The Bohemians website.

So, another tick on my list - and I might even go back one day - I spied a T-Rex tribute scheduled for later in the year!


Sandra said...

Ali sounds like just my kinda fun! We have seen a T-rex tribute band - Trextasy I believe - and they were definitely worth going to see too. :)

Jo said...

Sounds like you had a great time x