Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Try Something New - May Week 1

I've had a bit of a bumper week on trying new things.  Sadly the rain put pay to my guided walk round the Medieval churches in the city of London but we compensated with a trip to that temple of Mammon - Westfield!

I haven't been here before, not being much of a shopper and it was a vast space which could suck your cards dry in a few minutes if you were minded to spend!  I invested in a new top but that was the extent of my extravagance.

I was also fortunate to be taken out to lunch - I have been to two different Jamie's Italian in the past few weeks - once in Guildford - where I ate squid ink pasta (another first, and then at Westfield.  Both meals were fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Another culinary first this week - I cooked oxtail!  I have not ever eaten this before but found a recipe and it turned out nicely - the family thought so too.

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