Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Try something new - May week 4

Another new experience.  DS1 and I went to BBC Broadcasting House to hear the recording of a radio play for Radio 4.  It had a fairly well-known cast and the inside of the building is wonderful.  There was a big crowd waiting to get into the Radio Theatre and there weren't enough seats so we were directed to a pile of 'wine boxes' stacked up against a wall which turned out to be funky foam cubes to sit on - loved it!

The play was by Jack Docherty, who's written for many comic shows, like Spitting Image and Lenny Henry, and was funny. We enjoyed ourselves and it was great to spend some time with DS who is so busy all the time with his Brit School projects that we hardly ever have time for a really good chat without interruptions.

Obviously no photos of the show (strictly forbidden)!

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Sandra said...

Sounds like fun