Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Central Line Odyssey

I hardly ever go on the Tube, but today I had a meeting in Essex near the end of the Central Line. It was much quicker than I expected, noisy but not too bad on the whole.

I had hoped to see the new Olympic Park as we went through Stratford, but although the station is overground, and there are signs of building all around, including what I think is the new station building for the fast train link to the Olympic Park, you couldn't see the main site. Shame :(

I'm very excited about the 2012 Olympics coming to London and am hoping to be a volunteer of some kind as I don't think I'll qualify for the 100m! I'll probably end up in a luminous jacket on some street corner in the rain, but at least I'll have played some small part in it - if they'll have me.

The meeting was about aid in rural Uganda, about as far removed from the grey, urban landscape that fills my daily life, but at least this day was sunny with a blue sky and London looks so much better in the sunshine.

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