Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's still freezing...

I am such a Brit with my weather obsession. Kids were stuck at home today with the heating broken at school while I got stuck with this dreary drone at court who just loves the sound of his own voice - I mean, why tell a boring story in a few sentences when you can have a captive audience chewing off their own body parts waiting for the end of the tale. Worse still, he talks to me as if I was 4 which makes me want to stick pins in his eyes. Hopefully I won't have to sit with him for a while as he does my head in - another triumph of the justice system, he just goes on and on until you agree with his solution for sentencing etc. I learnt what filibustering was when reading Barack Obama's book 'The Audacity of Hope' - good book so far, I like his writing more than I expected. Anyway, thank goodness this guy isn't a politician, he would be the champion filibuster of all time - funny that he never found a wife really!

Meanwhile, I maintain my membership of the Bad Mother's Club by being completely unable to find DS2s PE kit this morning - usual story, it was buried under a pile of teddies in his room, however, even better than usual, it was still unwashed, I mean, I usually manage to get it washed before I lose it, but this time it's festered for 2 weeks in it's lovely PVC bag - yum! Still, at least I don't have to wear it. Worst of all, as I still wallow in post-Christmas ineffectiveness, it was DH who managed to find it, I couldn't even manage that!

So that's my day - freezing feet, boring blokes and smelly PE kit. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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