Monday, January 26, 2009

Grand Scale Frustration

Yes Liverpool blew it at Anfield AGAIN - this time to Everton, who took the lead with a poorly defended goal. Of course, Stevie G stepped up to the plate and scored a blinder, only overshadowed by the amazing flick on by Torres, but there was no-one in the box to have a go. Kuyt, bless him, works his proverbial socks off, but isn't exactly the sharpest goalscorer on earth, Babel is talented but either weak or lazy, not sure yet, but not good enough for the team.

They remind me of old Arsenal teams, just passing across or back when you are jumping up and down screaming at them to go forward, but they have no ideas and no-one far enough forward to take advantage anyway. Boring and cautious, don't know what Rafa is doing to them but it's not good. Perhaps it's his kidney stones, but he really needs to get a grip. Even the bog standard sides have worked out that if you smother Stevie G and Torres then they have nothing - it's so frustrating.

On the lower league side, at least Shrewsbury are doing well, in the playoffs in a mega close division. They aren't playing well, but they are grinding out results. Need an away win soon though - 24 matches or something with only 1 win isn't exactly blinding form, maybe this week at Barnet??

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