Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Only 3 weeks late but I can't be doing with the perennial lose weight, get fit thing that new year always brings, the whole guilt trip downer, so....

- make a rolling birthday book so I can remember people's birthdays from one year to the next.

- finish off all the things I've been planning to do in the house - paint banisters (sp?), get new stair carpets, put pictures up, finish sanding the filling DH did months ago so that the house finally gets to be how it was planned to be.

- do some new stuff - go somewhere, do something, take up a new skill, hobby. Got to branch out before I die after all, otherwise this life will have been somewhat unsatisfying! I feel like a very boring person atm.

So, come December 31st I can see how I did - hmmm!

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