Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Sun and Entertaining Hangups

I always feel so much better when the sky is blue and the sun is shining during these cold winter months. Today is one of those days.

FlyLady is always on about CHAOS (Can't have anyone over Syndrome) and I certainly suffer from it - I always feel our house is so rubbish compared with other people's - too messy, not enough storage, too small, unfinished decor wise, but today I beat off my fears and invited some new people in for coffee, hoping they wouldn't notice all the things that make me feel selfconscious.

I have this idea in my head about how I want to make the house welcoming, but I always feel that I fall short of this ideal - probably mostly gained from magazines and books and unrealistic portrayals of how advert-land life should be. They liked my cake though - thanks, Ad, for making me make Banana Cake!

At least I'm not alone. I've just finished reading 'Confessions of a Failed Grown Up' by Stephanie Calman, author of The Bad Mothers Club. Hilarious! and so much I can relate to - its funny how I have friends who I would consider 'grown-ups' and others including myself are definitely still waiting to grow up. It's just a shame that the exterior completely covers up the quivering inner child!

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