Monday, January 05, 2009

It's been an age....

I can't quite believe how long it's been since I blogged on here -in my head I do it a lot, in practice? well you can see.

Anyway, new year, new resolution and all that, I'm going to try and get a bit more down this year. Starting today:

- woke up to snow, that's unusual in itself - didn't last long but at least it was white for a bit!

-woke up late - big kids went to school, then got sent home again, result for them, but Nat and I stayed asleep for a long time.

-car is in the garage AGAIN - this car is literally driving me round the bend! We have spent so much money on it and it is still causing us problems. I wish we could just ditch it and get a new one, but credit crunch etc etc we'll be stuck with it for a while yet. Funny that I was thinking we should get the same again next time - NOT ANY MORE!

- Debbie and Daniel popped in for a cuppa earlier - nice to catch up after the hols.

- Scrapping aims for this year - to get more done, use up my stash - same old same old, but I still love it, trouble is, I take more photos than ever I scrap, and I keep taking them. I really need an extended period of house arrest (with internet access and pizza box delivery) to catch up.

I have done 2 LOs over the holidays - didn't even dent the stash - Studio Calico you have a lot ot answer for! So much lush stash, and not just to stroke hopefully!

Finally, I have decided to try and do the 365 photos for this year - managed so far - just. Not going to post them all on here though - that would be much to much effort and organisation, but maybe some highlights?...

Watch this space, it's a bit like watching paint dry, but just occasionally I might surprise myself.

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