Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cold weather, comfort food

I've been on a cooking frenzy (at least by my standards!) this week, having bought the Sainsbury's mag and decided that our weekly diet is really boring. So I actually planned and shopped, and ended up spending loads more money than usual, but I told myself that I had to stock up on essential ingredients which will last more than one meal (at least that's the theory - in practice it will clutter up my spice basket until it's sell-by date but never mind).

So today I made parsnip gnocchi (served with sausage and bacon and green beans) - recipe torn out of the newspaper yonks ago, and guess what, it was nice, and everyone liked it, so it will make it into the hall of fame that is my home recipe book. I also made meringues for dessert out of the remaining egg whites, and managed to keep them white instead of the dirty cream they usually are, so a result there :)

I have great plans for some spicy potatoes and cauliflower to serve with chicken tikka one day, and have made kulfi for dessert that day - another first.

Whether this culinary variety will last beyond this week is anyone's guess, but in the meantime, the family are experiencing something different, yesterday Nigella's Pea and Pesto Soup, tomorrow who knows???!

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