Friday, September 09, 2011

Finishing up..

I am the world's worst offender when it comes to finishing layouts that I haven't finished at a crop - I can't come home and finish up immediately because life gets in the way. Mostly it takes a few days for me to get out my crop bag and unpack. If they are in mid flow, that's ok, I can leave them in the bag with the supplies and finish up next time I sit down to scrap.

If they are finished except for a little thing - usually journalling, or an embellishment, they go into a pile and stay there! I have a least two pizza boxes of unfinished layouts!! Obviously the problem is that I don't have enough albums, but I am resolved - I will finish these layouts by this time next year, and not have any more in the pipeline.

Above is number one! All that was lacking was my white journalling pen! Why didn't I finish it? Who knows? but it's heading for an album now - hooray!


Sandra said...

Probably because you were rushing around with 101 other things to do :). Another great layout, I like the black background as it really makes the papers and embellishments pop

kimmie_35 said...

Great layout!